Monday, April 2, 2012

IN TOO DEEP by Mary Connealy

This is the second book in The Kincaid Brides series and it was another delightfully entertaining story. I know this could be read as a stand alone, but it would be so much better if you start with book one, because this story picks up where that one leaves off. The Kincaid brothers are as different as can be, but there is a strong bond between them and they all have different fears and stories to tell of their experiences within the caves on their land.

In this story Ethan Kincaid finds himself proposing marraige to Audra Gilliland, a mother of 2 little girls, so she will have a place to live and won't be a bother to her newly wedded step-daughter (who has just married another Kincaid brother). Ethan has no clue how to be a husband and the thought of loving someone terrifies him. Audra wants to be a woman who can take care of herself, but finds herself leaning on Ethan and learning to love him. But there is danger in this story and someone is out to hurt Audra unless she tells them where her deceased husband has hid the money he stole. No one enjoys going down into the caverns (except the 3rd Kincaid brother, Seth) but they all find themselves facing their fears and going into the caverns when someones life is in danger.
Seth is a little "loco" and I enjoyed getting to know him better in this story. I also appreciated the way the brother interacted with each other. There was alot of humour in this story and I loved how Ethan and Audra learn to understand one another and they adjusted to their marriage of convenience . There is also some mystery and danger, and I found myself enjoying another delightful story by Mary Connealy. Looking forward to reading book 3 in this series.

I would like to thank Bethany House Publishers for sending me this book to read and review!

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