Monday, April 23, 2012

HEART OF GLASS by Jill Marie Landis

Jill Marie Landis does a good job of writing a story that holds your attention and also that takes you to the time and place you are reading about, and makes you feel that you are there. This is the 3rd book in her Irish Angel series and although this could easily be read as a stand alone, I encourage folks to read them in the order they were written. This series is about a family of young sisters whose parents died in the 1800's and whose relatives gave them up to an orphanage and where the girls went from there. This story takes place in Louisiana in the late 1800's and the sister is Kate Keene who has been adopted and raised by two parents who gave her alot physically, but didn't spend much time with her. She spent alot of time growing up with the Delany family on their "plantation" home and Amelie became like her sister. Amelie's brother Colin though she has loved since she was a teenager. The war is over, Kate is trying to save the plantation and help Colin "get over" the war and his injuries (even though he wants nothing to do with her). This was a story of determination. Kate was determined to save the Delaney home, Colin is determined to not accept Kate's help, and then tragedy strikes and Kate must renew her energy and hope and press on. The characters in the story seemed very real and although there was alot of heartache throughout the story, there was also enjoyment watching these two main characters interact. Another well done story in this series.

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