Monday, February 11, 2013

HEARTS SURRENDER by Marianne Evans

This is book two in the Woodland Series.  It can easily be read as a stand alone book, but there are characters from book one, "Hearts Crossing" that are a part of this story.  I personally enjoyed book one better than book 2.  I am a big fan of the author, Marianne Evans, and usually rank her books much higher than this one, but for a couple of reasons, this book just didn't "grab me" like the others.

This was a sweet romance story and showed how two people who cared for one another had to understand that their relationship could work, despite the differences in their backgrounds.  It just takes the heart surrendering to God's hand working in their life.  Pastor Ken Lucerne has lost his wife to cancer several years ago and Kiara Jordan has captured his eye and is beginning to capture his heart.  Kiara has the looks and the "engaging personality", but yearns for someone who will see past her outward traits and appreciate who she is as a person who is deepening her relationship with her Lord.  Ken would like Kiara to see him as not just a Pastor, but a person who has faults and failures just like her.  When Ken and Kiara set off on a week long mission trip they will grow closer together in their love and understanding of one another, but will that be enough for them to commit to a life together forever as man and wife?  As it says on the back of the book, "Can they trust God's hand enough to surrender their hearts to one another . . . forever?"

A well written love story, but I had big issues with Pastor Ken and his getting a beer and hanging out with his friend.  This is not something I could wrap my head around as being something a pastor would or should do.  This probably kept me from enjoying myself  as much as I could have as a reader of this story.  But, I am anxious to read the next two stories in this series!

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