Saturday, February 2, 2013

ABBIE ANN by Sharlene MacLaren

This was book 3 in the "Daughters of Jacob Kane" series and it was another great book in the series.  The Kane family are people I have come to love and enjoy reading about.  Each of the daughters are unique in their own special way, and each have a real heart for people.  This story takes place in 1907 in Sandy Shores, Michigan (a town I have wished I could go back in time and visit).  The youngest daughter, Abbie Ann is full of life and hard to try and manage.  She works at her father's "Whatnot" store, teaches Sunday School and leads the local Woman's Christian Temperance Union.  The day a wagon comes busting through the front window of their store though begins to change the life of Abbie Ann.  Noah Carson used to be a successful ship builder, until his wife left him for his partner and took the business with them.  Noah was left with the most precious thing though, his 6 year old son, Toby.  They find themselves living in Sandy Shores and trying to start over.

Watching and reading about the way times were changing back in 1907 was interesting.  Watching love blossom between Abbie and Noah was fun.  Then throw in some bad guys who want to do Abbie harm, and an unexpected visit from several characters and you have yourself a story that is well worth your time.  There was always something going on and I always like the unexpected to happen.  I also liked the slow way the relationship between Abbie and Noah took place.  This was just an all around good story and the whole series is one I can easily see myself reading again sometime.  The author has easily become one of my favorites!

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