Thursday, February 21, 2013


This is book 3 in the "Finders, Inc." series and all 3 stories have been really good.  Lois Richer takes you to many interesting places where you get to see the world without leaving your home.  You also get try to solve the mystery in each story.  If you like traveling, mystery and romance, then you will definitely enjoy this series.

In this story Callie Merton, one of Finders, Inc. employees, is on an assignment in Alaska.  What she wasn't expecting, was to run into her husband, Max Chambers.  Callie hasn't seen Max for quite sometime and has requested a divorce from him.  But Max isn't about to give up on their marriage yet, so when Callie asks for his help he jumps at the chance to spend some time with her and try to figure out what secrets Callie is keeping from him and the reason she wants a divorce.  In this story you will travel by boat and over land in the snow.  You will also have to figure who is following Callie and Max and why they are in such danger.

There is alot Callie has kept back from her husband during their marriage and it will take alot of patience for Max to uncover the truth.  When he does he will need an extra measure of grace to forgive, forget and love unconditionally.  I really appreciated Max's words to Callie when talking about his past and how he got to where he was in his Christian walk in life.  "Either God is who He says He is and He knows exactly what He's doing here, or the Bible and everything else you've believed in for all these years is a lie.  You'd better decide which and make up your mind to stick with that decision no matter what happens."  "Faith isn't something you can put down and pick up again when you need it.  Faith in God means believing in His love despite all the the evidence to the contrary.  The one thing I hang on to now is the fact that God loves me.  Nothing else much matters."  Good advice for us all.

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