Monday, February 18, 2013

SECRETS of the ROSE by Lois Richer

If you want to read a great mystery story that leaves you guessing throughout the book as to "who did it", then this is definitely one to pick up and enjoy!  The notes on the author at the beginning say "her passion is to create tales of personal struggle that lead to triumph over life's rocky road.  For Lois, a happy ending is essential."  Well, she certainly fulfilled her passion in this book.  Can't wait to begin book two in this series, "Silent Enemy".

Shelby Kinkaid lost her husband 10 months ago in a mysterious accident at their workplace, "Finders, Inc.".  Now she is trying to put her life back together and raise her little girl, Aimee.  But the intrigue starts with the beginning pages, when someone comes into her home and  kidnaps her little girl.  Now "Finders, Inc" must try to find out who and why she was taken.  But Shelby is having a hard time knowing who she can trust.  There are 3 men who want to help her, two from the work place and one a neighbor, but they all are suspects in Shelby's eyes, for very good reasons.  Shelby will have to learn to trust.  Not just in people, but in her God.  This book showed how God can and will work everything out for His good.  One of my favorite thoughts from this book is, "Trust is learning that God does what is best, that whatever happens He will work it out to benefit us.  Maybe not in the way that we think, but to our benefit.  Trust is staying strong in the knowledge that He loves us enough to let us hurt sometimes.  Trust is saying, 'I don't know what You have planned, God, but whatever it is, whatever happens, I'll still trust that You know best.' "  I found myself taking this to heart as there are tough times going on in my life right now.

For those "romantics" out there, never fear, there is a very good romance story weaved into this mystery!

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