Monday, January 28, 2013

MAGGIE ROSE by Sharlene MacLaren

Another great story in this series.  This is book 2 in the series and I liked it just as much as book one.  Maggie Rose is the second sister in the Kane family and in this story, set in 1904, you find her leaving her home town of Sandy Shores, Michigan and traveling by herself to New York to begin her new life helping out the Sheltering Arms Refuge, a home for orphans and homeless children.  The painful pasts of some of these children was really hard to imagine and your heart goes out to these little ones and a great appreciation is felt for those who opened up homes for them.  Luke is a newspaper reporter who is sent to the orphanage to do an article on these homeless children.  You will see Luke's eyes and heart opened as he lives and works among these children.  Maggie and Luke will both come to realize, "I knew I had to make my life count for something, and what better way than to give children a little ray of hope".  This was a very touching story that pulls at your heartstrings.  It is also a very well done romance story between Luke and Maggie.  I loved the ending.  This author has done her homework well and made you experience New York, 1904,  and life in the not-so-well-off district of the city.  Well done Sharlene MacLaren!

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