Monday, January 21, 2013

THE SEVENTH HOUR by Grace Livingston Hill

I like to read Grace Livingston Hill books.  This story was first printed in 1939 and "the times they are  a-changing".  There was good and bad and not alot of "gray" areas in between in this story. This was about a troubled "rich" girl who grew up never really knowing love, or anything about God and church, and who didn't know anything about her brother and father which she never met.  Coralie grew up in a New York society because when she was born her mother left her husband and young son and fled to New York with her daughter.  Dana Barron is her brother, and when Dana's Godly father dies he requests that Dana find his mother and sister and deliver them a letter.  What Dana discovers when he meets them is a life style and hardness of heart that he thinks is beyond hope.  But his good friend encourages him to not give up but pray. You begin to see Coralie start to change and want what Dana and his friend have.  It brought great joy to read of how God's love reaches down and touches a heart you think could never be changed.

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