Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Another good story in the Ozark Durham series.  The book is classified as an "inspirational, suspense, romance" and I must say it fulfilled each description very well!  I eagerly await volume 5 in this series when it comes out.

Lucy Durham has made some mistakes in her life.  She married a man who abused her both verbally and physically and who she found dead two years ago of a drug overdose.  She has long sponsored a child from Romania, named Anika.  When Anika's Mom died and times in Romania became difficult, Lucy brings Anika and her father, Dorin, over from Romania to live on her farm and help her take care of the place.  Her initial meeting at the airport with the father does not go so well, as she ends up getting there an hour late, and then getting lost on her way home because of a detour.  Dorin is 12 years older than Lucy and although his feelings for her grow, he tries to appear uncaring because he believes the age difference is too great.  Lucy finds herself caring for Dorin, but can't quite figure out his feelings; are they for her or her sister.  Then there is the suspense part of the story, where strange things are being left in her home (snakes being one of them and I for one would freak out just like Lucy did).  Someone is out to scare her or worse and Dorin has a hard time keeping her from harm. 

Dorin is a good man who has good insight into life and good advice for Lucy and her walk with her Lord.  He also sees through the shallowness of Lucy's church.  I found the love that grows between the two of them very good and endearing.  It was a lovely romantic story, with suspense blended in and it also had a good "inspirational" theme to it.  You could read this as a stand alone, but I highly encourage you to read the other books in this series because you won't be disappointed in any of them! 

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