Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MICHAL by Jill Eileen Smith

This is a fiction story about something
that truly did take place in history.
I could not say it better than the author did at the end of this book: "my biggest prayer is that this fictional retelling will inspire you to read the real story in 1 and 2 Samuel of the Bible.  Biblical fiction was not meant to replace but to increase our love for the real story in Scripture."  I think this story did that.  It made me want to go to the Bible and read the real story.  It helped me think more about David and Michal and the thoughts and feelings each of them had to face throughout their marriage; to understand more of the history taking place and the struggles David and his wife might have been going through.  I hope and pray Michal did end her life the way this author wrote it.  I felt she stayed true to Scripture as she wrote this thoughtful story on the life of Michal and David, spanning many years.  I look forward to seeing how she does with one of David's other wives, Abigail, next.

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