Friday, January 25, 2013

HANNAH GRACE by Sharlene MacLaren

I like this writer's style (a comfortable, enjoyable and easy story to read) and I love the covers they produced for this series of stories called, "The Daughters of Jacob Kane".  This story takes place in Sandy Shores, Michigan in 1903 (and having grown up in Michigan many of the towns mentioned in the story are familiar to me).  Jacob Kane has had to raise three girls by himself when his wife died, and manage the "Kane's Whatnot" store.  Now the girls are grown and Hannah Grace is a very feisty and strong-willed young lady who loves helping out at the store.  She is practically engaged to the doctor in town, although her sisters aren't thrilled with her choice.  Her life gets turned around a bit when the new sheriff comes to town, Gabriel Devlin.  He is an outspoken man who seems to ruffle Hannah's feathers quite a bit.  What Gabe didn't know when he got to town was that a stowaway was in his wagon, a young "vagabond" who won't talk and doesn't trust anyone.  It will take patience and alot of love to get through to him, something Hannah and Gabe are both willing to do.  But there are those who are out to do this boy harm and time is running out.

This was a story filled with laughter, danger, suspense and joy, and of course romance.  Hannah was a delight to know and I loved how Gabe and her would constantly challenge each other.  Hannah's struggle to know what God's will was for her and her life partner was also well done.  The importance of choosing a man who has a strong love of God and isn't afraid to pray about things is always a good choice.  The whole Kane family is a joy to know and I look forward to reading about the other two sisters in the next two books in this series ("Maggie Rose" and "Abbie Ann").

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