Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CRIMSON CIPHER by Susan Page Davis

This story line intrigued me.  I found myself very interested in  the whole code-breaker, encryption, cipher key, cryptography work that went on in this story; along with the mysterious saboteurs and the sweet romance mixed in.  This takes place in 1915 when enemies were doing their best to keep the United States out of World War I.  I appreciated the fact that the author gave us what was factional and fiction in her story before the story began.  It caught my interest at the very beginning and held it throughout the book.  A little bit of mystery, romance and intrigue.

Emma Shuster finds her life totally turned in a different direction when she finds her father murdered and his secret encryption project left unfinished, but desperately wanted by the enemy.  The navy offers her a position trying to break intercepted ciphers from the enemy in Washington D.C., which she decides is the best thing to do.  But people are after her and the encryption project so no matter where she goes, they will track her down.  But Emma does have John Patterson on her side, who also works for the government, and who helps her through some very difficult situations she finds herself falling into on numerous occasions.

The characters in this story showed great bravery and a deep love of their country at a time when it was hard to know who to trust.  I learned a little bit of history while reading this story and found myself very intrigued with this time in our country's history.  Good job Susan Page Davis!  (Also thought the cover was great!)

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