Thursday, April 18, 2013

NOT HIS TYPE by Lisa Crane

This is my second book by this author and I must say she is quickly becoming a favorite.  I like her style of writing.  She has a good sense of humor and a great feel for romance in her writings.  I look forward to reading more by her.  I think this story would make for a great "Hallmark" movie!

Brooke Valentine is a determined, "I can-take-care-of-myself" young woman who has had to care for herself and pay off her late grandfather's medical bills by selling some property next door to where she lives.  The construction is almost complete and the story opens with Brooke's car tire running over a nail from the construction site and getting a flat on her way to work.  She decides to get her motorcycle out and almost hits a construction worker, wrecks her bike and finds herself in the hospital in serious condition.

Travis Cooper is the owner of the new house being constructed and Brooke wakes up in the hospital to see Travis sitting there beside her.  Since he feels partially responsible for her being there he offers to cover the costs and helps Brooke home when she is released.  Brooke doesn't know what to do with Travis as she hasn't been around men that don't usually want something from you if they are nice to you.  Brooke is actually pretty clueless when it comes to men.  Travis thinks he is just helping a poor helpless girl, definitely not someone he would ever be interested in romantically.

Brooke finally finds a job at a small bakery shop and meets owners Riley and Jazz, who help Brooke out a lot  and they become good friends with her and later with Travis.  Travis ends up helping Brooke out of a few more "jams" she finds herself in and watching this friendship develop into something more was hilarious at times and very romantic at others.  Brooke really had no self-confidence in herself and thought she could never be "good enough" for Travis.  Travis was endearing with his cute little nicknames he kept giving to Brooke.  It was fun watching them both and Riley and Jazz  had fun watching them too.  It was just an all around good story, one that had you eager to keep reading and see what would happen next.   I found myself smiling alot as I was reading and just enjoying myself.  I would have given this book a 5 star easily but a few of the "kissing scenes" were a little too detailed for my liking.  But the ending was worth it all!!  If you want to sit back and watch a wonderful romance blossom, then I highly recommend you read "Not His Type".  Enjoy!

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