Monday, April 29, 2013


I liked this story.  The title fit in really well, especially with the ending.  It is one of those stories that I know I can just sit back and have a good time reading after the first few pages.  I was disappointed that I had to set the book aside a couple of times, because I would have loved to read it straight through.  I enjoyed the story line.  Allison finds herself dating someone for 6 years, saying yes when he proposes, and then bolts on her wedding day.  The fact that she "accidently" kissed her fiance's brother the week before and liked it started her wondering if she is making a huge mistake.  But Allison must come to realize that maybe Seth and her being the "perfect match" wasn't  so perfect after all.  As her good friend told her, "If you can stop controlling your life, maybe God will finally have a chance to get a word in edgewise and be able to tell you what He wants for your life."

Daniel was the brother of the groom and was very different from Seth.  He was a man of adventure and lived life to the fullest.  Seth was a man who knew what he wanted and assumed what he wanted was what was best for everyone, especially Allison.  (You will have flashbacks of the movie "Runaway Bride" when you read this book.)  I appreciated the fact that both men loved Allison, but only one really knew the real woman and wanted her to spread her wings and fly.  It is a story that makes you enjoy reading and leaves you with a good feeling when you close the book.

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