Friday, October 25, 2013


This was a story written slightly different from a lot of authors I have read.  I can't put my finger on it, but I think it lacked the emotion that I usually feel with a story.  It started off with Toni, a lady in her fifties being hired out for the evening to babysit for some guests on vacation.  While she is watching a little girl men break in and try to kidnap her.  Toni, who is a widow and former missionary, is able to foil their plans, which leads her to a job with the family protecting their teenage son while teaching him how to surf.  With the son comes his bodyguard, Rifta, and his uncle, Hugh.  These folks are from the country of D'Almata and the son, Mishael is about to take over as ruler.  The odd thing is, Toni has never surfed, but her late husband was very good at it and tried to teach her when he was alive.

The characters in this story are all very unique, with interesting life styles.  Toni tries to share her belief in God with them and it was interesting to see her beliefs through their eyes.  It was a story I found myself interested in, but it took awhile to get used to the style of this author.  I was pleased with the ending sort of, because it kind of left you hanging, which was one of the reasons I want to pick up book two in this series, "Merry's Marauders",  and see if it will tell me how I think things will turn out.  Get your surf board out and your imagination on and try "Cynic, Surfer and Saint".

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