Sunday, October 27, 2013

MERRY'S MARAUDERS by Andrea Aarons

As the book description says at the beginning of this story regarding this series of books, "Scenic Route to Paradise Reality merges with the realm of faith in this almost-could-be story."  This story has some adventure, romance and a lot of "almost-could-be" things happening in it.  There is raiding empty houses, taking over a convalescent home, becoming a "wartime bride" all wrapped up in this story that takes place during a time in America when an earthquake and then a military strike by an unknown emeny drive the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico into an area where each man for himself makes living very dangerous.

This story takes place shortly after book one leaves off.  Merry is the daughter of Toni Merriweather and runs a Christian halfway house ministry.  She is getting ready to go to the country of D'Almata to visit her Mom and Mac from that country arrives to take her there.  When he arrives everything breaks loose and it is like a war torn town.  Mac steps up and helps everyone organize and stay safe.  It is quite a different group of people who come together and work together to stay safe and alive.  It is an unusual scenario and this author has a different style of writing, but I must say at the end of each story she leaves the ending with enough interest to want me to keep reading to see what will happen in the next book.  So I am off to begin "Catching Kate" next.

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