Monday, October 7, 2013

THE PRAIRIE PRINCE by Marcia Lynn McClure

Portions taken from the back cover of the book because it says it so well:  "For Katie Matthews life held no promise of true happiness.  Men didn't have time to dote on women - so Katie's brutal father told her.  To Katie, it seemed life would forever remain mundane and disappointing - until the day Stover Steele bought her father's south acreage.  Handsome, rugged and fiercely protective of four orphaned sisters, Stover Steele seemed to have stepped from the pages of some romantic novel.  Could Katie win the attentions of the handsome Stover long enough to be rescued?

This was a "feel good" story.  You get done reading and you feel good because there is a happily ever after at the end.  It is filled with romance, not just with Katie and Stover, but also with Katie's brother and Stover's oldest sister.  The twins were also a delight to the story.  I liked the fact that when Stover fell in love with Katie it wasn't out of pity, but because of her "joy of living, her disregard for what people thought, and the amusing nature of her silly antics.  It was her love for her brother, her determination not to let her rotten father ruin her."  It was because she was a lovely young woman who had a huge capacity to love.  If you want to "get away" and enjoy a delightful romantic story, then pick up "The Prairie Prince" and sit back and get carried away to Custer Creek and a small cabin on the prairie.  Enjoy!

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