Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MISS LAVINIA'S CALL and other stories by Grace Livingston Hill

This is a book of 14 different heartwarming short stories by the author Grace Livingston Hill (which includes the Esselstynes which was the author's 1st book published when she was twelve).  The author goes beyond just entertaining; but writes with a message.  As it says at the end of the book "about the Author":  "For Grace, the most important thing she did was not write books but share the message of salvation, a message she felt God wanted her to share through the abilities he had given her.  Grace Livingston Hill wrote more than one hundred books, all of which have sold thousands of copies and have touched the lives of readers around the world with their message of "enduring love" and the true way to lasting happiness: a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ."  As you read the compilation of short stories you will see this in her writing.  I have long been a "fan" of this author and really enjoy her style of writing and her message.

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