Saturday, November 2, 2013

DESPERADO DALE by Andrea Aarons

Taken from the beginning of this book: "In Book 4 we meet another Merriweather sibling - Dale.  An unconventional Christian, Dale always the good guy; a great father and loving husband is targeted by the authorities for smuggling contraband onto the Greek isle of Kerkyra.  Why do they want his grandmother's carry-on bag?  Everyone is seeking Dale including Mac and Merry sailing the sloop, Serendipity to rescue him and his family.  The island nation of D'Almata is their short-term goal but in a world turned upside down and driven by dark forces, will they succeed?"

This was what I thought was the final story in this series, but I see now where there is another book coming out as a conclusion to it all.  This for me was my least favorite of all the books so far.  I just didn't connect well with the characters in this story or the story line.  The rest of the family and the cast of characters you have come to know from reading books 1-3 are very much a part of this story.  There were also some rather strange occurrances in this story that were too "science fiction" for me to be true.  Although I know this is taking place near the end of time as we know it now, it just didn't flow that well for me.  I would be interested to see how the author finishes this series with her final story in book five, "Scenic Route to Paradise".

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