Thursday, November 7, 2013

UNSPOKEN by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson has done it again.  Another great story that has it all; mystery, suspense, romance, danger, tenderness, and much more.  I liked the way the story began and then fast forwarded to the present.  I was in awe of the whole coin collection scenario and the amazing wealth of some people.  And I loved the way the main character wanted to give it away and the way she went about it.

Charlotte Graham (not her real name to protect her from publicity and exposure) was once very much in the news when she became famous for her kidnapping in Chicago years ago.  It took the FBI 4 years to find her and it has taken Charlotte much  longer  to try to come to grips with what happened.  She never talks about what happened during those four years, not to the police, her family or her friends.  Now she finds herself inheriting her grandfather's vast estate and needs help selling off his enormous coin collection.  She approaches Bryce Bishop, a well known dealer in rare coins with a very interesting offer which he finds himself almost forced to take.  This encounter will be the beginning of a very slow but very heartfelt and tender relationship.  I couldn't help but appreciate and love the way Bryce was with Charlotte.  It truly was a very lovely romance.

I enjoyed the fact that characters from the book "Full Disclosure" were also brought back into this story.  I also appreciated the very real struggles Charlotte had with trying to reconcile the two facts - "God was good, and she had been badly hurt".  Bryce would try to help Charlotte understand that "God had created people with a free will, had given people the freedom to decide what they wanted to do. . . .Most people rejected God and the world turned evil.  But in the midst of that, God was still good, He still acted in love."

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and hopefully will read a story about John and Ellie in the near future??!  I received this book from  Bethany House through NetGalley for my enjoyment and honest review.

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Sherry Kuhn said...

Glad you like it. Nice review.