Wednesday, November 27, 2013

EMPIRE BUILDERS by Linda Chaikin

As I was reading this book I kept thinking I was reading a movie I might have watched.  This was a story that took you on a ride through the Northwest territory in the late 1800s.  It would stop at different times in the story and then take off again until you came to another year or years later.   It was about men who wanted to make it big either in the Northern Pacific railroad or the rich timberland of the Northwest.  It was about what some would do to protect their fortunes and what it would cost them in the end.

Ember Ridgeway in the pampered niece of the railroad tycoon Mack Ridgeway.  She will grow up during this story and find that life doesn't always turn out the way you planned, but if you rely upon the Lord He will see you through when everyone else seems to let you down.  Tavish Wilder is a man who grew up knowing to do good but finds out quickly how evil men can trample you down.  Will he grow bitter and seek revenge or stay true to what his parents had taught him from the Bible.  The story revolves around these two characters but there were so many more people involved in this story.  I think the author did a wonderful job of making this story come alive, like watching a movie!  All aboard for a train ride that will take you through danger, romance, sorrow and conflict but will bring you to a satisfying conclusion.

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