Friday, November 15, 2013


There are many things I like about this author's style of writing.  I like how she immediately begins her stories with a dramatic fast-paced scene that immediately catches my attention.  I like how she develops her characters.  The ladies have a mind of their own and can take care of themselves, but they also know their God-given place as a wife and mother.  There is humor, romance, lightheartedness and tragedy all rolled into a story that keeps me captivated from beginning to end.

This book is the second story in "Sophie's Daughters" series.  I really liked it (but I liked book one, "Doctor in Petticoats", just a teenier, tiny bit more).  In this story "tough Texan tomboy Sally McClellan heads to Montana to visit her pregnant sister Mandy.  But when her traveling party is attacked, Sally is left for dead".  Logan McKenzie, an artist who lives in the Rockies, discovers Sally and takes her home in the hopes that his Shoshone housekeeper can keep her alive.  There is constant danger in the air though as the outlaws discover she is still alive and want her silenced.

Can a tough tomboy cowgirl see the sense in a man who draws and paints for a living?  And can the artist help the cowgirl to see the beauty and worth in what he is doing.  Can these two mismatched people accept each other for who they are and live a happy life?  It was fun watching Sally learn to love this man.

I so enjoyed the fact that Mary Connealy brought in people from her other series into this series.  It was like meeting up with people again that I really enjoyed and finding out how they were doing.  I would advice you to read this series in the order they were written as it helps you get to know all the characters better and because you won't be disappointed in any of the stories.  Saddle up, sit back and get ready for a great adventure!  I am anxious to begin the next book in this series, "Sharpshooter in Petticoats".

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