Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I have read many books by Mary Connealy and she never fails to keep me entertained and enjoying the story I am reading.  The Cowboy Christmas was another enjoyable story that had me cheering for the good folks and anxiously awaiting the bad guys to be caught and taken care of.  This had a wonderful romance story going on, but also conflict, danger, and a battle over letting go of our grief and learning to live again.

Annette Talbot is using her voice for the Lord, until she realizes that the new leaders of the mission troupe she is with want her to use her voice for evil instead of good.  She narrowly escapes and finds herself heading back home to Wyoming, to her father's ranch, where she hasn't been in years.  On the stagecoach ride to her  home town of Ranger Bluff so will meet up with Elijah Walker, a man whose heart has turned cold toward women when he watched his ex-fiance cause his father's death.  But Elijah has a hard time not falling for Annette as he continues to have to rescue her from danger.  But can he trust another women and can Annette trust Elijah with her secrets.

I enjoyed everything about this story.  Annette was a woman full of spunk and character, although she thought of herself as cowardly.  Elijah has a soft heart even though he tries to play tough.  It was fun watching these two people learn to let go and trust one another and in the process sparks will fly.  It is Christmas in Wyoming, so bundle up because its cold outside, but your heart will be warmed from reading "Cowboy Christmas".

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