Saturday, December 28, 2013

WHITE AS SNOW by Donna Westover Gallup

Was this a well written story? Yes!  Did it hold my interest? Yes!  Would I read it again? Probably not.  But I am willing and ready to read the other books in this series!  The author weaved the gospel message into this story in a very powerful and meaningful way and I would definitely recommend this book for others to read.  You will be able to feel yourself in this little cabin in the Colorado Territory in 1864.  You will feel for 10 year old Charlie as he tries to be a man and care for his Gramps and the homestead on his own.  And you will come to understand who sent Jess to help Charlie just when he needed it most.  A favorite quote from the book, "Remember Charlie, God doesn't work on our clock, and He'll wait as long as it takes till we reach that point when we will know for sure that the answer came from Him and no one else."

So why didn't I give it a higher rating than 3 1/2 stars?  Well I don't know how others rate their books, but I base mine on how likely I would be to read this story again.  I am a romance reader kind of girl and although I am glad I read the story, and would read other stories in this series, and would recommend this book to others, it had no romance.  What can I say other than that is just who I am and what I like.  Happy reading everyone!

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