Sunday, December 8, 2013

THE CHRISTMAS DOG by Melody Carlson

If you have a soft spot for dogs then you are going to enjoy this story.  This was a cute and endearing story of how a cute little dog brought people together.  It is also a story of how easy it is to let our imagination get the best of us when it comes to people and who we think they are without getting a chance to truly know them.

Betty is a widow lady who needs a break from runaway dogs, mixed up granddaughters, frightening neighbors and angry daughters-in-law.  She has a dog she never wanted and did not need and that has sneaked into her life.   Betty one day discovers a stray "mutt" in her backyard and assumes it is the new neighbor, Jack's  dog.  It is in desperate need of a bath and some tender loving care.  Betty decides to do the nice neighborly thing and returns the dog and leaves him on Jack's porch.  The next day Jack returns the dog to Betty and they play this, who is going to take care of this dog routine.  Then Betty's grand-daughter shows up at her front door and wants to move in.  Avery, the granddaughter, falls in love with the dog and from there this little "mutt" will begin to bring all three people together in a very tender but fun way.  It was enjoyable to see how showing a little kindness and getting to know your neighbors can change your outlook on life.

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