Monday, December 30, 2013


This was a nice Christmas story centered around the people you have come to love in the "Northwoods Adventure Series".  Kelly is the owner of the hair salon in the quiet  town in Northern Michigan and she is feeling a little lonely because her parents are in Chicago and her brother has moved to California. So one night she decides if she was a "wishing on a star" type girl she would wish for someone to spend Christmas with.  Enter Trevor who is visiting family and who has been told Kelly in an "ice queen" and isn't interested in dating.  Trevor takes the challenge to thaw out this ice queen in the week he is in town.

I liked the way this story incorporated the folks from the first three stories in this series (Emma's Promise, Penny from Heaven and Help Me, Rhonda).  I liked the small town feel and I really enjoyed watching Kelly and Trevor have fun and get to know one another in a very short period of time.  I also enjoyed the way the author wove into this story the need in both of their lives for the Lord and how He is what is most important in their life for true peace and  happiness.  It was a very enjoyable story to read during the Christmas Season and I look forward to reading another story in this series soon, "Saved by Grace".  I encourage everyone to read all the stories in the order they were written (although each story is also great as a stand alone).  I am a real "sucker" for a good romance and especially a good Christmas romance so this gets a great recommendation!  Enjoy, but bundle up because it can get cold in the Northwoods at Christmas.

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