Monday, August 11, 2014

HAILEE by Penny Zeller

I am just going to borrow from other's reviews as they said it best:  Cindy Sproles, "This cozy-weekend read weaves a romance filled with all the elements of a winner - love, strife, joy and trust";  Amanda Cabot, "Engaging characters and heartfelt faith messages make Penny Zeller's "Hailee" a memorable conclusion to the Montana Skies trilogy".  I couldn't have said it better when it comes to describing this story and series.  It is a series I will keep on my shelf and recommend to others.

Hailee Annigan at a young age found herself stealing food on the streets of Cincinnati to keep her two younger brothers fed.  She will eventually get caught and sent to a home for orphaned children.  She is now 19 years old and finding herself heading to Montana to begin teaching at Pine Haven (a town you will become quite familiar with if you read books one and two in this series).  She has never given up trying to find her two brothers though and is ashamed of her past and so tries to keep it hidden when she begins this new adventure to Montana.

In Pine Haven you will find the former high society Boston gentleman, Maxwell Adams Jr., the new church pastor.  He is trying to make a difference in this small town and praying some day his parents will understand his calling to preach the gospel.  When these two young people meet you realize the attraction that is taking place.  It is not without its ups and downs though, but when they come to terms with their pasts they will face a wonderful future together.

Well done Penny Zeller.  A series that left me glad I visited Pine Haven, Montana and learned to appreciate the folks there and the faith they shared and the difference they made.

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