Thursday, August 7, 2014

KAYDIE by Penny Zeller

Another good story in this series.  I don't know which story I like better; this one, or the first in this series, "McKenzie".  I enjoyed both of them equally.  I highly recommend you read these stories in the order they were written because this story picks right up where "McKenzie" left off and there is a lot of background you would miss by just starting with "Kaydie".  This is another cozy read; where you sit back, cozy up on comfortable chair and just enjoy yourself as you relax and read.

Kaydie has been rescued from an abusive and scary outlaw of a husband when he is killed after trying to rob a bank.  She finds herself reunited with her sister, McKenzie, who is married to a rancher in Pine Haven, Montana.  There Kaydie learns to enjoy her Montana home and get ready for the baby she will soon be bringing into the world.  Kaydie has a hard time trusting her judgement when it comes to men though after her big mistake of marrying the wrong man, who she thought was a nice guy.

Ranch hand Jonah Dickenson has no desire to ever fall in love and marry, especially after being raised by a harsh father and having his mother run off and leave him as a child.  Marriage is just not something he is interested in.  So when Jonah tries to get Kaydie to trust him as a friend only, their friendship is good for both of them.  But the special part of being a friend to someone is that it can often lead to romance, and of course, that is what happens to Kaydie and Jonah.  But lets not get too comfortable because another friend Kaydie hasn't seen in years will come into the picture and try to win her heart also.  Now Kaydie must choose.

This was a story of learning to let go of your past, but learn from it, and of learning to love and trust someone again.  There is a strong family bond between these two sisters that I appreciated and also a strong emphasis upon trusting in the Lord and waiting on Him to direct ones path.  I liked how the author takes a break every now and then from the present, and has one of her characters remember the past and a certain situation that happened to them from the past.  It helped you get to know and understand the characters much better.  I look forward to story #3 in this series, "Hailee", next.  Enjoy!

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