Saturday, August 23, 2014

IN THE MIDST OF LIONS by Sara Mitchell

If you like a good detective story (in this case though it is the Pinkertons) then you will not be disappointed when you read this book.  It is set in the 1890's in southern Georgia.  It is a story of a lust for power, which breeds corruption.  It may seem like you are in the midst of Southern charm and honor, but you will soon discover the fear and intrigue and danger that is all around you. The story kept you guessing as to who knew what and who did what as you, with the Pinkerton men, try to figure the solution to a "sinister plot" that is putting one young lady in some serious danger.

Elizabeth Granger is the lady in danger, even though she doesn't know it yet.  She is taking care of five small children for the wealthy Crump family.  But Elizabeth has her own secrets that she carries very close to her, even when an undercover Pinkerton man tries to help her and at the same time figure out if she is as innocent as she portrays.  It is a game of who knows what and who can you really trust.  A very well written story and the second in the "Shadowcatchers Series".  It can be easily read as a stand alone, but you will encounter characters from book one, "Trial of the Innocent", that you would know better if you had read these books in the order they were written.

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