Monday, September 15, 2014


As it states in the front of this book, "Judith Miller is an author whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her novels".  I was entertained and educated on the town of Pullman, Illinois.  My thinking was this series would take place on a Pullman train car (I didn't read what the story was about, but got this from the cover and the series title), and was surprised to discover that Mr. Pullman built a town around his production of his Pullman railroad cars.  I enjoyed learning about this town and was pleasantly surprised at the end of the book by that fact that the author encouraged her readers to visit this town.  I think I would like to do that next time I travel up near Chicago.

The Bible verse at the beginning of this story was aptly quoted, "Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor.. . .".   I quickly discovered how much trouble one can get into by not telling the truth.  Olivia Mott didn't set out to lie, but she finds herself fleeing England and her job as an assistant cook to the Earl and Countess of Lanshire, and taking with her Lady Charlotte, their daughter.  Upon arriving in Pullman, IL she finds herself in real trouble with a deceptive job reference, a pregnant Lady Charlotte, and a story to go along with it all which is far from the truth.  She finds herself being sought after by a Pullman supervisor and a Pullman employee and although she only has eyes for one of them, she refuses to be honest with both of them.  Eventually her lies will be found out and then there will be consequences.

I liked the story line, the characters and the things I learned about the town.  I also liked the way it just naturally led itself into a sequel, book two, "Whispers Along the Rails".  It left you hanging a bit as to what will become of Olivia and made me want to pick up book two and begin reading.  There was a little bit of danger, adventure and romance and left me wanting more, which is a good fit for me.

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