Saturday, September 13, 2014

THE WHITE LADY by Grace Livingston Hill

Taken from the description from the back cover (which I thought did a good job): "If there was one thing Constance Wetherill couldn't accept, it was pity.  So when her family fortune was lost she slipped away from town determined to start a new life rather than risk the sympathy of her wealthy socialite friends and admirers.  Working for a living in a small town where she was a stranger brought unexpected rewards - not the least of them the earnest young minister who made her part of his flock.  Until a man from her past tracked her down, and she was forced to choose between the new life she has built and the old luxuries she has always taken as her due."

This story was not one of my favorites by this author.  It was a little slow moving for me, but I did enjoy some of the characters in the book and the way she brought them to life.

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