Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DRIFTWOOD LANE by Denise Hunter

This was a feel good story and a heart warming romance.  You know how it is going to end when you start reading it, but it is just enjoyable watching how it all comes about.  You have Meridith Ward, who has a well ordered life, and who finds herself becoming guardians of 3 children she has never met.  She must leave her well ordered life and travel to Nantucket to care for the children and try to care for the Bed and Breakfast their parents owned.  Enter Jake, the children's uncle, who becomes the handyman who helps keep the Bed and Breakfast from falling apart, and who keeps his real identity a secret from Meridith.  Meridith will have to learn to trust God with her fears and trust Jake with her heart.

A good summer read as you find yourself on Nantucket Island, enjoying walks along the beach, but also enjoying each of the characters in this story.  It was fun to watch this mismatched family unit learn to like, then love one another.  This is part of a series listed as; four women, four love stories, one island, escape to Nantucket,  I enjoyed each story and felt they could all be read as a stand alone stories.  If you want to get away and escape for the day, then grab "Driftwood Lane" and enjoy a relaxing and entertaining love story that will leave you refreshed and relaxed as you travel to Nantucket Island.

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