Monday, September 8, 2014


This was an endearing short story that was labeled as "a story destined to become a timeless classic"; I would agree with that person's description.  You have a young student, Maggie MacAuley, who has a tender heart who wants to help her teacher out.  You have Summer Rankin, a fragile child who is best friends with Maggie and then you have the teacher, Jonathan Stuart.  He is the only teacher that has stayed in this little mining town called Skingle Creek for more than a few months.  He has a heart for the children and the people and a love for music. This story takes place in the 1800's when times were tough, but the children will pull together to get their teacher a special gift and will bring the whole community together in the process.  There was sadness in this story, but it was also full of hope and love.  I am glad I read this tender story.

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