Thursday, February 25, 2010

FORGIVEN by Shelley Shephard Gray

This is the 3rd book in the Sisters of the Heart series. This story follows up on Winnie Lundy (who you will read about in books 1 and 2). The book starts with a fire that destroys the Lundy's barn. Winnie is hurt in the fire and finds herself in the hospital. An Englisher, Samuel Miller, keeps her company while she recuperates. Sam was Amish but because of his desire to learn, left the Amish community and became a professor in the English world. As Sam and WInnie get to know one another there is a great struggle in both their hearts. Could Winnie ever leave her Amish world and could Sam ever come back to the Amish community and leave the English? One of them makes the ultimate sacrifice.

I appreciated this series and how all the characters from each book were tied into the story. I liked how this author portrayed the Amish and how they interacted with the Englishers. In this story it was good to read of the struggles that run through Winnie and Sam's mind as they decide what they would be giving up and what they would be gaining if they made the decision to leave what they have known for years and step into a new way of living. Well done Shelley Shepard Gray! Although all 3 books in the series were good, my personal favorite was book 1.

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