Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday Morning Faith

This is a story of a lady librarian that has taken care of her folks all her life and worked at the library. When a gentleman comes to her rescue one day they begin a friendship. The problem is, he is a doctor who desires to use his skills in the New Guinea jungle and Johanna doesn't feel "called" to go. But she does decide to go over with Sam and see what it is like.
I liked the humor and not so funny take on Johnanna's experience in New Guinea. We were kindred spirits as she describes the whole journey, from the airplane ride to the hut she lives in. She made me laugh and also made me see, like her, that it is easy to say you would give it all up to serve Jesus, but when you actually do, the whole attitude problems set in. I understood this woman completely and is was a joy to read this book. Sam was a loveable and understanding man and I appreciated him and the way he understood and handled Johanna's moods. An all around enjoyable and thought provoking story.

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