Friday, February 12, 2010

Lonestar Homecoming

This was another great story in this series! Gracie Lister is running away from her wedding with her 5 year old daughter, Hope, in the very first chapter of the book. She ends up in West Texas with no money, no food and no place to go. Enter Lieutenant Michael Wayne, a seasoned soldier who in a single father and needs help with caring for his two children. Michael is so good for Gracie and to Gracie and you can see the chemistry between them right off. Gracie is also good for Michael as he thinks raising kids is similar to giving orders in the military. There are people though who are out to get rid of both Michael and Gracie so they must work together.
This story was filled with romance, intrigue, and suspense. I couldn't wait to turn the page and see what would happen next. I didn't put all the pieces together in the story till closer to the end, which for me keeps me more interested. I also thought the cover did a good job of picturing how Gracie really looked. Well worth reading!!

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