Friday, March 5, 2010

The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen

First off, I loved the cover of this book and could picture Lilly Haswell looking like the lady on the cover. Lilly Haswell finds herself growing up working for her father in his apothecary shop and always looking for her mother to come back home to them. Her mother's disappearance has always had the villagers whispering. Lilly longs for travel and adventure, so when her relatives offer her a chance to come to London with them and enter into society and suitors Lilly decides to go. She later has to return to her village to help her father who has become sick and let the apothecary shop get run down. That is the main theme of the story, but there is also the men in the book; Francis, the young boy who learns the apothecary business with the help of Lilly and her Dad, who grows up into quite the handsome gentleman, Dr. Adam Graves, who Lilly meets in London, and Roderick Marlow the wealthy recluse of the town Lilly grew up in. All 3 men play an important part in the life of Lilly and all 3 have a chance to win her heart.
What I especially liked about the book was the character Lilly first and foremost, but I got to know so many more people in this story. The author did a great job of letting you experice life in Bedsley Priors. I also appreciated reading a story and not knowing how it will end until I am practically through with the book. There were aspects of each gentleman in this story that I liked and could have seen Lilly end up with, but as the book neared the end, it was obvious who the true gentleman was that would be deserving of Lilly. You will have to read the book I find out who the lucky man is!

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