Thursday, March 11, 2010

NEVER SAY NEVER by Lisa Wingate

Kai Miller has never put down any roots. She becomes trapped trying to escape a hurricane headed her way. While heading out on the highway away from the hurricane she meets up with 3 ladies from Daily, Texas; Donetta, Imagene and Lucy. These three older ladies were on their way to a cruise ship when they realize they are headed into the hurricane. Kai and the ladies team up to get away from the weather and wind up with a bus load of church folks trapped also. After the hurricane passes over them everyone heads to Daily, Texas until roads are cleared and homes are restored. There in Daily you find Kemp, who instantly takes a liking to Kai. But can Kai finds roots in Daily and can Kemp give up his dream of baseball.

I enjoyed this story. I especially enjoyed the 3 ladies and their interaction and humor. I could picture each one in my mind as I was reading. The town of Daily seemed like a town that would have been great to grow up in. I really liked the way Kai and Kemp hit it off right away and the way they "fell" for each other. This was not an action packed adventure (although living through the hurricane at the beginning was pretty good), or a mystery to solve or even a great love story, but it was a down home feel type book with characters you learned to love. And I liked the way the author finished the book!

A special thanks to Bethany House for giving me the book to read and review.

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