Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AN HONEST LOVE by Kathleen Fuller

This is book 2 in this series and although it is not necessary to read book one first, it is helpful in understanding the characters more. This story is about 4 main characters; Anna, who has just relocated to Middlefield with her mother; Lukas, who does carpentry work and is instantly attracted to Anna, when he stops by her shop to put some of his handmade products in her store; Elizabeth, a sister to Lukas, who has started working for her brother-in-law in his shop and seeks to befriend Aaron, who works there but seems distant to everyone.
I especially liked how Elizabeth and Aaron start off as friends and watching their friendship turn into something more. And I also appreciated the way Anna and Lukas had to work through the lies and hurt and betrayal they find themselves faced with. The importance of forgiveness and the ability to face their problem and talk about it was very much appreciated. A good book number two, and I look forward to the next book in this series.
Thanks to Book Sneeze for making this book available to me for review.

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