Monday, March 22, 2010

Colorado Weddings by Joyce Livingston

Three stories all set in Colorado. In A Winning Match Shelly Morris in a single Mom trying to raise a 15 year old son, who is angry at the world. Bart Steel has an unorthodox way of helping her son, but Shelly will need to trust him.
In Downhill Stormi McNeil has 2 jobs, working at a ski resort and a cafe, to pay off some bad debt. All is going well until in walks Mark Denton, the man who stole her heart and then sent her packing years ago. He claims he is a new man, but can Stormi take a chance on having her heart broken all over again.
In The Wedding Planner Tula O'Brian meets Clint Murphy at a wedding. She was the wedding planner and he was a guest. From the brief meeting Clint realizes he doesn't want to grow old alone and quickly makes his feelings known to Tula. Since Tula has made bad choices in the husband department, she is not ready for Clint's quick proclamation of love. But Clint can be very persuasive.
I liked all 3 stories, but "Downhill" and "The Wedding Planner" were my favorites. I especially liked The Wedding Planner because it was about two "older" people who had already passed the prime of their life, but still had lots of room left to love again. And I really appreciated how the author used the gospel message in "Downhill". Good job Joyce Livingston!

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