Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LETHAL DREAMS by Anne Patrick

I like Anne Patrick's style of writing! This book had some suspense and mystery in it and some good romance too. It is the story of Erin Jacobs, who is making a name for herself in the world of sports injuries, as she is a trained physical therapists and good at her job. She has the gift of encouraging and inspiring her patients on to full recovery. Erin herself has had a life of disappointments and hardships, but still she has a heart for people. When her husband is shot in the line of duty she starts to get mad at God and turn her back on Him. She still continues to have a heart for people though and helps at the homeless shelter when she isn't working at the hospital or doing her private therapy sessions with people.
The book begins right off the beginning pages with a shooting that Erin happens upon and she stops on her bike to help the wounded officers. Decective Logan Sinclair is one of those shot and the chemistry between these two throughout the book is great! Logan Sinclair is such a devoted and caring man to Erin, but she definately is not interested in getting serious with another man in law enforcement. There was a great place in the book that Erin came to end of her rope and just cried out to God her sorrow, her anger and her resentment and I thought, if more people would let go of their anger and let God be God, their circumstances would be so much easier to handle. There were a great cast of characters in this book, all sent by God to help Erin even though she can't seem to realize all God is doing for her.
All in all an enjoyable story and I look forward to reading more by Anne Patrick!

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