Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOVE ON A DIME by Cara Lynn James

This story takes place in Newport, Rhode Island in the year 1899. It is a time when society had strict thoughts on what a lady did and did not do and how a lady acted in society. The class disctinctions between the rich and those not rich were quite obvious. So when Lily Westbrook, a lady of the social set of Newport, starts writing and getting published "dime novels" she must do it under a pen name so no one will know who the real "Fannie Cole" is.
Lily is in Newport for the summer with her family, has a wealthy beau, and discovers her brother George has brought his longtime friend Jackson Grail to be part of the summer group. The problem is Lily and Jackson were once very much in love and Jackson was to ask for Lily's hand in marriage. But things didn't work out back then and Jackson left to get wealth and a name for himself so he had a chance to be "suitable" for Lily. Jackson also has bought out the publishing house that Lily has been selling her dime novels too. So there are alot of secrets, social expectations and long lost love feelings to deal with in this story. I enjoyed the way the author wrote this story, although at times I just wanted to scream at Lily to let go and let Jackson help you!!! She can be a very stubborn woman. I look forward to book two in this series. A special thanks to BookSneeze for sending me this book for review.

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