Monday, June 28, 2010

A TENDERING in the STORM by Jane Kirkpatrick

I almost decided not to finish this series, but I changed my mind and I am glad I did. This was a good sequel to the first book in this series, and I know I will be reading book 3 soon. These books are full of historical details of how life was for these people who left their community in Missouri and are now living in the Oregon and Washington territories. Emma Giesy is a very stron-willed young woman, who with her husband and children have decided to live in the remote coastal forest of the Washington territory. She suffers a great loss and many disappointments throughout this story. Her strong-will character was appreciated in book one by me, but in this book I see how damaging her will can be. We all need people and Emma refuses to be "beholden" to anyone. She suffers for her stubborness and my heart goes out to her and she learns the hard way that we need people in our life and that not everyone expects something in return. A good historical series.

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