Saturday, June 12, 2010

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY by Siri Mitchell

This was a great story about the way it was for a certain young debutante in the 1890's who was forced into making a match with a gentleman she had no desire for. The rules of that era and the way people played their games was a real eye-opener for me. Also what the women of that era went through with the clothes they had to wear (let me just say that I am glad corsets are a thing of the past!).
Clara Carter didn't have any desire to be a debutante, but her Aunt and her father had plans for her, and the goal was for her to have the wealthy DeVries heir, Franklin, ask for her hand in marriage by the end of the Summer. Clara and her friend Lizzie are both after the same man. There is also Franklin's brother, Harry who plays a major role in the whole situation. There is some mystery, scheming, love, and betrayal all wrapped up in a very well written story.
It was a very interesting and enlightening book for me and I enjoyed it alot. I also loved the cover of this book!!
Thanks to Bethany House for giving me a free copy to review.

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