Saturday, June 5, 2010


This was an enjoyable story to read. I really liked the fact that I couldn't put all the pieces together until the very ending of the book. It kept me interested and wanting to know how everything was going to come together at the end. Olivia Keene finds herself leaving her home and family quite suddenly. She happens upon a secret conversation at a party and finds herself being forced to take a position at Brightwell Court, under the scrutiny of Lord Bradley. Lord Edward Bradley has a secret and if the truth gets out he could lose his inheritance, his home and everthing. Which is why he must keep Olivia under his watchful care, since she overheard this secret. But keeping an eye on a lady he is not sure he can trust, soons turns to more for both of them.
There are alot of other interesting characters in this book and alot of mystery surrounding these characters. It is well worth the time to read this book!

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