Monday, July 12, 2010

ANNA and the KING of SIAM by Margaret Landon

This is a book that if you read it, you will always watch the movies made about this book in a totally different way, because the movies don't give a true view of what life was really like between Ann the the King of Siam. I also did not realize that Anna was a real person who lived in Siam for many years. The lady who wrote this story stayed as true to this lady's journals as she could and did a good job of making it into a story. Although this is not a quick read and has alot of descriptions and details and at times very little "conversations", I am glad I read it. Be sure to read the author's notes at the end (I read them first) as it helps you understand the writing of the book better. Anna was a young woman who lost her husband and had to take this position for lack of anything else she could do for her and her 2 children. It was not an easy life for this woman, but she endured and tried to make a difference in the lifes of the people in the King's palace and harem and in all the children's lifes. Did she make a difference? Read the book and find out.

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