Monday, July 19, 2010

TAKE FOUR by Karen Kingsbury

Another really good story in this series! Keith and Dayne are in the process of making their next movie, 'Unlocked" and have casted a well known actor Brandon Paul, and a first time actress Bailey Flanigan. Brandon sets his sights on Bailey at the very beginning, but Bailey's only interest in Brandon is to see him come to know the Lord. Bailey's heart belongs to Cody and Cody has loved Bailey from a distance for years. It looks like their love is finally here to stay; but Cody's mom gets in trouble again with drugs and Cody must make some tough decisions. Then there is Andi, Keith's pregnant, unwed daughter. The decisions she makes in this book are very difficult, but VERY well written! I had tears in my eyes by the time I finished and was so disappointed that the ending did not resolve an issue in the story. But. . . it will definately keep me waiting impatiently for the next series of books to come out. Karen Kingsbury does such a good job of making the people in her stories real folks that you would love to meet some day.

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