Monday, July 5, 2010

SNOW ANGELS by Wendy Davy

I like Wendy Davy's stories! They are fun, romantic and have a message in them that can help people who struggle with certain areas in their life.
In this story Izzy is trying to become a ski patroller for all the wrong reasons. She seems to have alot of mishaps happen to her, but she is hard not to like. Mitch Donovan in the new Ski Patrol Director and he and his little daughter take an instant like to Izzy. But Mitch isn't sure Izzy should be a ski patroller.
The very first pages of the book got me hooked when Izzy is caught alone in a snow storm on the mountain. It kept me reading right to the very end (which I wish had been longer). Well worth reading! The only thing I might change is the cover. That is not at all how I would picture Mitch after reading this story!

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