Thursday, July 29, 2010

FIGHTING for BREAD & ROSES by Lynn A. Coleman

This is a book I have had laying on my shelf to read for a long time and wasn't even sure I would read it, but possibly trade it. I just finished it though and I am so glad I didn't trade it because it was so well written and intriguing. There were so many "layers" to this story and it had me reading just to see what would happen next. It is a story of novelist Lindsey Taylor and her research for her next "unsolved mystery" book. It takes her to Lawrence, MA as she researches the tragic death of Anna Lopizzo, a millworker, who was shot during the "Bread & Roses" strike of 1912. Now that may not sound like an interesting story line, but trust me the author keeps you interested. Lindsey finds herself digging up more questions than answers and the best part of this book is the way you keep reading "flashbacks" to 1912 and read about the 3 young ladies and what they were going through during the mill strike. But the more digging Lindsey does, the more strange things keep happening to her, being followed, shot at, stolen from, etc. I also enjoyed the interaction between Lindsey and her husband. They had a real love for each other and kept close, even if it was mainly by phone.
There were alot of twists and turns to this story and it keeps you wondering all through the book what more would be discovered about the past. As it says on the back of the book, this truly was a story of intrigue and suspense and history and I highly recommend it.

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