Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FROM A DISTANCE by Tamera Alexander

Tamera Alexander does such a good job of making you understand and appreciate the time and place in history you are reading about; the beauty of the "west" and the difficulties of living in the 1870s (and especially being a photographer). A well written and enjoyable story.
This is a story of Elizabeth Westbrook who travels to Colorado to capture in pictures the mountains near Timber Ridge. The fact that she is trying to win her place as a photographer for the Washington Daily Chronicle and that she is the daughter a well known politician, isn't something she wants the folks of Timber Ridge to know. Daniel Ranslett is a man who wants to be left alone as he lives in the Colorado mountains and tries to come to terms with his past and the part he played as a Confederate sharpshooter in the war. When Daniel shoots down the animal that Elizabeth is taking a picture of, things don't exactly get off to a good start. And when Elizabeth and her assistant Josiah have to leave town quickly, it's Daniel that must lead them on an adventure to photograph the Mesa Verde. The more these two are around each other the more each of them learns to appreciate the others strengths and weaknesses.
I think the author summed up this story when she writes "God loved her (Elizabeth) enough to intervene in her dream - to shatter it, to shatter her - only so He could put her back together and give her an even bigger, better dram. His dream for her life."
I am looking forward to book 2 and 3 in this series!

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